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We don’t have recruiters, we have Traveler Partners, our travel partners work with you to find you exactly what your looking for in your next assignment and make you happy. Your Traveler Partner is your ticket to a more satisfying experience when it comes to travel healthcare.

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Are three things we strive for at FlexUp. Quality jobs equal job satisfaction and happiness, Freedom is why you travel and efficiency makes your life just a bit easier.

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The experience with FlexUp was different than past agencies I worked with, it was just simple, easy and really fast. The support I received was second to none, having someone that cares as much as they do really helps you get through the ups and downs that each assignment brings.

Ronny James

Up to Date COVID-19 Positions

Due to increased demand we are listing crisis jobs in hotspots where our health systems need healthcare professionals the most


Georgia is home to the oldest state park in the nation.


The Land of Milk and Honey, The Golden State, and The Grape State. 

New York

Broadway theaters, electronic billboards. A city that never sleeps.

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We offer highly competitive benefits for all of our travel healthcare professionals, ask one of our Partners about our great insurance programs today.